Amazon hardware projects end up in smoke due to Fire Phone failure

Amazon faced a great hit on its hardware division due to the commercial failure o Amazon’s Fire Phone. And reports imply that Amazon stop some of its plans.


The online retailer has put aside some of its hardware projects and dismiss the engineers at its Lab126 development center, reports The Wall Street Journal.

It made some exciting products we might never see, such as a smart stylus called Nitro. The device automatically digitizes the users’ handwriting and it has a 14-inch codenamed Cairo and a smart projector called Shimmer.

Although Amazon is cutting down its hardware projects, it is not completely giving up on devices business. The publication’s sources has not much connection to a 3D Kindle tablet as they have entirely different technology to the Fire phone that they are working on.

It is said that Amazon will specialize in connected-home teach with development of a kitchen computer called Kabinet. Kabinet will be used in voice controlled layout.

Fire Phone met poor sales that forced Amazon to cancel $ 170 million worth of unsold stock. However, the company implied it is possible that they will release this device again in the future.

The Wall Street Journal suggested that Amazon did not give up its phone division entirely and this business merely moved to Amazon’s Seattle offices.

Google Calendar will automatically collect Flights and Hotel reservation details from Gmail

So far, the statistics like flights details updated in Gmail will be displayed in the search result by Google. You may be wondered what happen if those statistics appear in Google calendar and other products’ link.


Google announced on August 26 that it will launch more new features that collects the information of entrance tickets, flights, restuarants, and hotels details in Google Calendar by automically, reports TechCrunch.

If you are going to on a business trip in a strange city, and you have arranged the journey well with the booking of the flight ticket, a taxi to the airport, and a reservation of the hotel and resturantant. If you got the specific details of those arrangements, you could set them to your Google Calendar. If your flight departure time displays at 4 pm, then your meal time will be displayed at 9pm.

This feature is open by default but you can could close down it by reseting in Gmail settings. It is a cool feature. However, it could be annoying if there are continuiously errors poping up by Google Calendar. Then you could delete all the events you have added previously. It may be a bit late if your phone alerts for the unnecessary events.

The most interesting ocassion you may meet by search Google Now “when my flight will take off?” Then there will be full details provided for your reference. The more statistics Google offers, the more they can do by Google. It makes your life easier and free.

YouTube gaming has been rolled out today

The gaming users must be excited about the YouTube gaming’s launch. It has been officially released today. Its fans would be able to have access to this new game where it has been introduced.

TechCruch reports that the YouTube gaming, Google’s Twitch competitor, is supposed to launch on August 26 in the UK and UK.

The application and website for this YouTube gaming will be available. This service officially offers live-streamed and on-demand content to the game users. To those who have interests to experience the new game, they could download the it from its official website provided by the developer.

There are more than 25,000 games will have their own page to access and there are also videos resources and live streams about that title could be found from their page.

The new service, YouTube gaming is made as a standalone experience separate from the main YouTube platform. It serves pages for each game title as well as channels from game companies and YouTube content creators.

To the gaming fans, you could find out more anticipated games of August online. You can also find the videos via Gaming YouTube channel. Then you are able to subscribe the one you are interested.

Sony will launch a new heart rate tracking wearable-Sony SmartBand 2

Sony has been working on the updates of its wearable lines. It is reported that it will release Sony SmartBand 2 as a heart rate tracking bit of writs wear.


The Sony SmartBand 2 offers fitness tracking credentials as well as smartphone-pushed notifications. The watch chain is made by a durable silicone rubber strap with a host of integrated sensors.

To meet the requirement of the new heart rate tracker, Sony SmartBand 2 features an integrated accelerometer to mark your distances covered and calorie burn. This new wearable will be an promising rival for Microsoft Band.

The SmartBand 2 syncs all performance metrics to any Android 4.4 or higher devices, plus iOS 8.2 powered smartphones. The users’s running date will be recorded directly to on-bard storage. Therefore, you don’t have to take your wearable when you go out for exercise.

If you want to have it in hand all the time, it also offers the features of calling and message alerting. It displays colorful LED and produces vibration alerts to remind users of the incoming emails or social notifications.

Sony SmartBand might be come to the public next month. And it will be released up in four colors-black, white, pink and indigo.

The finalized UK price does is yet to confirmed. The fitness tracker will be sold at €119 in European continent.

With A9 chipset, iPhone 6S shoule be up to 30% faster

A recent breakthrough has been made as Apple made test on A9 chipset for iPhone 6S that has put its performance upgrade into perspective. It is said that the Apple’s iPhone 6S will run 30 % faster than its previous edition by using A9 chipset.


A source on Chinese social network Weibo claims that iPhone 6S with A9 chipset runs 20 to 30% faster than A8 chip in iPhone 6, reports G for Games.

Some details about A9: it was assigned a single-core score of 2090 and a multi-core score of 3569. It is increased respectively from 1611 and 2892 scores of the current-generation component.

It was reported that A9X chipset is designed for iPad Air 3. But it is not so clear where it is true or not. It is assigned a single-core score of 2109 and a multi-core score of 5101.

Comparing the details of chipset, Apple’s in a inferior position to compete with its rivals. The Exynos 7420 inside Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ comes with a single-core of 1486 but its multi-core score is at the rate of 5048. And Samsung’s Exynos M1 comes with a single-core score of 2136 and a multi-core score of 7497.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus it is reported to be arriving in stores on September 18. While it is official release will be on September 9.

Apple will Update its Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

Apple had already updated its Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse for Mac some time ago. And now it seems there will be the new interactions coming soon for these two handset devices.

Report from 9to5Mac indicates that Apple had already filled patent documents for a Magic Mouse 2 and a modified version of the keyboard with FCC.

From the documents they signed, there is no implication whether Apple makes some changes with the physical design of either product or not, however,it listed the details for upgraded internals in the documents.

These two devices are both using the more modern 4.2 standard Bluetooth instead of Bluetooth 2.0 and applying the swapping AA batteries for built-in lithium-ion power packs. The performance for these two devices will be greater.

Apple did not make an announcement to confirm the release date for these two peripherals, but they are expected to be rolled out with the refreshed Mac hardware this year.

It is reported that Cupertino firm,the Apple’s headquarter locates in San Francisco, will release a new product on September 9. It is possibly to introduce its new iPhone hardware to attract more attention from the public.Please pay close attention to Apple’s new release.

The UK customers hope the Galaxy Note being introduced to them


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 had released on August 13. Samsung also announced that this smartphone would not be introduced to the UK.

Samsung has been focusing on the US and Asian markets for its smartphones. When it released Galaxy Note 5, it had no plan to introduce the new device to the UK. Well, there are great wishes from the customers in the UK that the Galaxy Note should be brought to them.

There are also wishes stated from the retailers. The online retailer Clove’s petition is looking to convince Samsung considering the plans to provide Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ as Europe’s only 5.7 inches smartphone. It attacks the customers to go across the countries to experienced such device.

The petition implies the strong demand for Note 5 and hope it could be used by more customers.

The voice of local customers think that if there are enough people show their wishes to use the Note 5 in the UK, then the Samsung company will take their petition into fully consideration.

They suggested that Samsung company should make market research for Note 5 in Europe, and learn more about what their customers think.

Here are some specific details for Galaxy Note 5. It contains a mass of high-end specs, such as a 5.7-inch mobile screen, 2560×1440 pixel QHD display, a 64-bit octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM.

It is possibly that there are comments for Note 5 petition from Samsung. Then we will know how the reaction from Samsung about bring Note 5 to the UK. Please pay close to Samsung’s news.

Samsung Pay UK release plans confirm that it will hit UK soon


Samsung is now working on its Samsung Pay UK release plans. It has been confirmed that UK will be the first country to use Samsung Pay in the European countries.

The Samsung Pay is made to be accepted by UK retailers in the following months. It will be launched in Britain shortly after the global debut in the US and South Korea.

Even though there is no specific details for an exactly release date in UK, the Samsung Galaxy S6 maker has implied the Samsung Pay will be released to compete with Apple Pay in the near future.

Samsung’s spokesperson claimed that the company will launch the Samsung Pay first in the US and South Korea before long.

Then they will launch a European version in accordance with its locally service. They said they have no idea when the company will release the Samsung Pay in Europe, but UK will be their first country to apply this service.

It is working principle is a bit like Apple Pay. Samsung’s Mobile lets users create a smartphone-stored digital recreation of their bank card. Then they can tab the phone against payment terminals to exchange digital currency to close the deals.

Samsung Pay avail of Magnetic Secure Transmission teach to be compatible with more store terminals.

The Samsung Pay doesn’t support all the devices. It only supports a select number of existing Samsung smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge,Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Amazon announced to end the third-party PPC service

Amazon announced that it could close down PPC service in the morning of August 12 of Beijing time. This PPC service will be closed down for good from this October. By using the PPC service, the advertisers can lead the visiting traffic back to their websites from Amazon platform.


This PPC service was allowed the non Amazon’s seller to buy the advertising space on Amazon. Those specific items’ads pop up on Amazon website so that they lead the customers to visit those retails or manufacturers websites from Amazon.

Scot Wingo, the executive chairman of Channel Advisor claims: “Our clients made full use of this PPC service as it provides a great media to promote sales. On one side, they could cooperate with Amazon, on the other side, they could make their dealing data invisible.”

Wingo added this service could enhance the conversion rate. It surprised most of the advertisers when they received emails from Amazon that this PPC service will be ended.

Amazon confirmed this announcement about PPC service adjustment and it stated that this service will be ended for good shortly after October 31.

It wrote in an Amazon email that: ” We will continue to estimate the services that we offer to our partners and help them to reach our customer community with the best ways so that to promote their business scales. So far, Amazon also offers other advertising services to the third-party sellers, including sponsors’ adverts.”

According to the statistics from eMarketer, Amazon benefits $ 1.26 billion from its worldwide advertising business in 2015. It is expected to increase up to $1.83 billion in 2018.

Pixels’ anti-piracy proposal becomes heavy-handed

Columbia Picture hired the anti-piracy company to take down the illegal of Adam Sandler’s new comedy Pixels but the action might become a bit heavy-handed.


Torrent Freak reported that Entura International has submitted Vimeo a series of copyright takedowns in the matter of the videos used the word “pixels” in their titles.

In fact, a lot of videos and files can be found that containing the film’s title. It is very common case to see the “pixels” title online.

There are several independent file productions have been influenced by this anti-piracy approach. For instance, an award-winning short film, an art-foused NGO and a royalty-free stock footage company are in the list.

There are a great number of videos have been taken down by Vimeo because of Entura’s order. The creators of those videos closed down their accounts and removed their work online to avoid any punishment from the anti-piracy approach.

The company staff Mark suggested the creators should fill a counter notice about this approach. He continued that the trust and safety team is under control of this problem but they could not help people with this issue.

Pixels will be released on August 12 in the UK. Let’s keep an eye on this matter.