eBook piracy websites will be on the UK High Court’s block list

The High Court has sent an order to the Publishers Association forcing the Britain’s leading service providers to ban those seven sites in which help the users find the authorized copies of digital books.

Those affected websites are AvaxHome, Bookfi, Bookre, Freebookspot, Freshwrap, and Libgen. All of them are based overseas.

The Publisher Association chief executive Richard Mollet claimed in a statement that one third of publishers make much profit from digital sales, unfortunately this rise in digital market was attributed to online violations. The Publisher Association needs to be able to protect the author’s right from those pirate activities. The writers worked hard to create new works and they need to be paid. The publishers needs innovations and vestments in new talent and material.

The Publisher Association states that over 80% of the works on the offending websites violates the copyright laws. The organization is going to put pressure on Google to stop the services.

The list of website is also including BT, Virgin Media, Sky, Talk Talk and EE. Those websites need to be rectified in accordance with the ruling by June 9.

WWE will stop the second screen experience from its app


By the end of this month, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will stop application of the second screen experience found on its app.

After SmackDown airs on May 28, this feature will be used for Raw, SmackDown and other monthly special events.

The fans can get chance to see exclusive interviews offered by the second screen experience, they can also enjoy the match continuation footage, backstage images and live voting. It is a excellent means for the fans to enjoy the shows they are interested.

WWE made this decision as the fans have alternate ways to enjoy the shows. And there is ever- changing digital landscape provided. The fans still could enjoy the WWE excellent interviews without this second screen experience.

The Company addressed in a statement that the fans can continue to use the second screen experience on other platform which depends on one’s preference. It can be continued to live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope and many other social networks.

WWE surely engages in transmitting multimedia-rich companion content how fans want it and where they want it. The fans are told to look forward to the WWE’ s new and more advanced interactive entertainment.

Apple’s upcoming web TV service which encounters barrier because of the local programming ambitions

web tv
Apple’s aim is always high, as we all know. So there is a no surprise to know its plans for its new web TV service might be postponed because it looks for local support.

The media is good for product’s popularity, it give the platform to make its product to be known by more potential clients. It is apparently that Apply wants programming from local broadcast stations throughout the US, according to Re/Code.

It will take a long process to have the web tv popularized even with so many local stations affiliates. There are also marketing strategies involved.

You can learn that from the existing web tv, for example, Sling TV and even the Watch ABC app that the local programming is limited to certain cities because of the complexity of local cultural protection.

So Apply’s offering will not be able to launched until early fall- a date has been speculated, but there are no evidences it would be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 8.

It reported before that Apple has convinced 25 channels to join the platform which are including ABC, CBS and Fox.

NBC, USA AND Bravo networks may not be in its list as the falling out with Comcast over the X1 web-enable step-top box.

Firefox will suggest advertiser sites to user through scanning his browser history


Firefox browser, Mozilla is producing a new platform in order to sell more advertising space in a visitor’s tab page. This new platform is call “suggested Tiles”, specifically for advertisers. It is similar to Google that use your web search history to put relative ads within Google Adsence placements, and Mozilla will scan your visited sites following Firefox to advice an advertiser site to visit and display it on the new page.

We learned from Mozilla’s Advancing Content Blog that there are user protections built into the new feature. The visitors can skip the Suggested Tiles function by ticking off a check box within the browser’s settings. he visitors can choose a blank page to avoid the site’s suggestions when they open up a new tab within Firefox.

Even a visitor accept the Suggested Tiles feature, his personal data will be in strictly confidential as it is only corrected by the data. The advertisers won’t have access to get his data. Visitor’s data won’t be tracked or used through his URL’s history on Mozilla. Mozilla will get final approval over all sits for entering into Suggested Tiles program and it needs to visit at least five similar sites before it offers up a related suggestion thought the feature.

To imagine that , if a visitor browsers recipe sites, foodie blogs or other culinary sites he may see advertisements for The Food Network provided by the Suggested Tiles section of a new tab page. There will be a “Suggested “tag on the tile of Mozilla to distinguish it from the others.

In terms of the launch of Suggested Tiles within Firefox, Mozilla is going to produce the new feature bases on the Beta version of browser. The advanced version of current version of Firefox will be on the market soon in the summer.

Spotify can be set with videos, podcasts and automated playlists while listening music

spotifySpotify is creating a series of new features which traditional music content can’t not compete with.

It is qualified with both adding video and automated playlists build in favor of your tastes and daily activity to itsoffering.

Daniel Ek addressed at a conference in New York: “Spotify Now’s start page provides music reference to the time of day and enjoys music what users like.”

Ek pointed out the concept of music schools is changing. People don’t search music according to the school of music but they look at the music stories based on the events and activities.

The positive energy should be deliver through music. We canexpress who we are, how we are feeling and what we are doing during our daily life.

The Spotify will encourage you to integrate music into yourdaily life which leads you a new and natural view of music.

There is also a new Spotify Running feature reported to thepublic, this feature comes with the same beats-per-minute when the user’s running pace are set.

Spotify is cooperated with many big names, like ESPN, the BBC, ABC and Comedy Central with video content support so that it could be built into playlists with live radio and podcasts.

From May 20, the new version of Spotify is first available to iPhone users in UK, US, Germany and Sweden. It will be soon available to other regions as well. However, the publisher didn’t address that whether the new features will be limited to Premium account holders or not.

Light Phone comes with simpler function


2The people nowadays spend much time in chatting or browsingon Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and many other mobile apps, while people don’t have much useful done. There is good news that a new phone is on sale in which could help us get free of those modern trappings.

The Light Phone is setup with a Kickstarter-backed handset which avoids the smart features that tries to keep things as simple as they could.

With this Light Phone can sent text message on the device while it is limited to making phone calls. The phone has a rudimentary dot matrix LED display lighted up while making phone calls.

The Light Phone is capable of connected with a smartphone, the calls can be forwarded by a device visa a companion app,it works independently as there is a SIM card slot.

Its highlighted feature is designed to be light and pocketable, the Light Phone comes with a 3D printed shell which issmaller than a credit card.

The creator Joe Jollier and Kaiwai Tang are ambitious to convince the people to ditch their smartphone which considering as their goal. Actually, the Light Phone is just an emergency backup for using while the people on holiday or on a camping trip.

The customers can buy a Light Phone at $100 due to a project’s Kickstarter Campaign. This campaign will be finished ina few weeks.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 could be on sale as early as July

samsungSamsung is always quick producer. The customers don’t needto wait for long time when the new series are about to launched. Its smartphones and newest Galaxy Note will be on themarket soon.

The IFA Tradeshow will be held in Berlin in September. And the South Korean firm attended this tradeshow as launch stage to introduce its latest Note device to the public.

However, there were sources indicating the Galaxy Note 5 could be addressed as soon as July this summer time which is not confirmed yet.

It is said that Samsung is aiming to finish its preparing work to its prototype by mid-June, but the the latest prototype and final specifications seemed to be known by telecom companies.

The handset is said to be developed and run quicker than weexpected, and the Samsung company wants to put Galaxy Note 5on the market early so that they could make a successful sales over Apple.

There is not much information concerning the upcoming phablet. There is rumor claimed that it is supported by Samsung Pay and it comes an Exynos chip, a 5.89-inch screen and a 4100mAh battery.

Details come from the previous reports stated that there isa curved display could be on board and it is compatible by Galaxy S6 Edge.

BBC iPlayer experiences first declination in popularity since 2007



There is report showed that BBC iPlayer may lose its dominant position on the market in the near future. It is one of the most popular video catch-up services in the UK.

This BBC iPlayer came to the market in 2007. There is data claimed that its platform has experienced its first decline in popularity recently. This is not good news for BBC iPlayer publisher.

According to the latest statistics seem to state that the number of streaming requests in March drop to 7% that compared to the same period in 2014.

Because of iPlayer’s slowest quarterly growth on record at only 2 percent, which lead to the number of requests also dropped to 230 million.

The explanation on the report came from BBC showed that iPlayer continue perform strongly, but there is economic downturn of this variations of factors.

The BBC recently addressed that the company would close its subscription-based Global iPlayer soon, and this news comes to the public after its announcement.

There is evidence showed that the EU plans streaming services across Europe. While BBC iPlayer is included. The EU hopes to make more streaming services available to all Europeans. That will be a new revolution of video catch-up around the European countries.