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Microsoft announced HoloLens would be introduced to China next year

Microsoft held WinHEC 2016 hardware conference in Shenzhen today. Terry Myerson, global executive vice president and chief of Windows system and device BU, announced that HoloLens would be officially sold in China in the first half of 2017. Its selling price is undisclosed. Microsoft HoloLens was going out of North America market in October and […]

Niklas Zennström invests Lilium Aviation for €1 million

Niklas Zennström, Skype co-founder and former CEO, invested a German mini aircraft startup through Atomico to attempt to product vertical lifting private aircraft as electric vehicle does. This startup is called Lilium Aviation which locates in Munich, Germany. It was established two years ago. On Monday, Lilium Aviation received the investment fund of € 10 […]

Gooligan virus infected 1 million Google accounts, 57% of them were from Asia

A malicious virus called Gooligan based on Android app was found to hack about one 1 million Google accounts, hundreds of them were associated with enterprises. The technicians of Check Point called this virus as Gooligan. It was spread via the repacks of apps from third party app market. So far, 86 apps are found […]

Microsoft Store offers discount for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Cyber Monday is coming around. If consumers missed some items during Black Friday, they can seize this opportunity to purchase more reasonable items. Microsoft Store is announced to continue to offer discounts for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. HTC Vive offers $100 discount by means of Microsoft Store gift code. Its price cuts down to […]

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