You don’t need a Google+ account for YouTube any more

Dating back to late 2013, Google made a great stir as it forced YouTube users to join Google+ to upload videos or to make comments.

Maybe the YouTube company has realized that grouping its services under one roof did not work well, so the company informed that YouTube users will have access to its service with a Google account in a few months.


Bradley Horowitz wrote in a blog post that: “they were told by lots of people that accessing Google services with only one account will make things easier for them.”

He added: “they were informed that it makes no sense for users Google+ profile to be their identity in all other Google products they use.”

Therefore, you will be able to share things and communicate with others or even create a YouTube channel with the Google account in the upcoming months.

YouTube will offer the option soon to separate users’ accounts and delete their Google+ profile for those who don’t want a Google+ profile in the first place.

YouTube is just one of the service to separate from Google+, and its company has plans to separate other products from it as well.

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