Xbox console increases sales and revenue for latest financial quarter

There was related news revealing Microsoft’s quarterly loss. However, the company could not blame Xbox division for its quarterly loss.

There are signs of improvement on Microsoft’s gaming products. The sales and revenue with Xbox one and Xbox 360 console together reach 1.4million for the latest financial quarter. The sales and revenue for gaming products for the same time last year was 1.1 million.


The company sold 11.7 million for the entire fiscal year last year, and this year the company would try all attempts to sell 12.1 Xbox consoles for the whole fiscal year, such as price cuts and promotions.

In addition to this, there was strong growth in first-party game sales and digital transactions that contributing to Xbox Live revenue grew by $205 million, and Xbox platform revenue grew by $86 million. Xbox platform revenue increased by 10 %,

Bad news for Microsoft, there was a great cut in the quarterly figures for its $7.6bn acquisition of Nokia, and the company reported it suffer $2.1bn loss for this sector.

The company work hard to make Xbox division growth of revenue as it introduces backwards compatibility for Xbox one. It is also working on first-party games, Forza 6, Halo 5, Guardians and Fable Legends for instance.

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