Will the major record labels plan to boycott YouTube?

YouTube could be the first option for many fans to look for their favorite artist latest video, but this situation might be changed soon. There are more rival platforms working on obtaining more members.


New York Post reported that Record labels have plans to un-shelve their clips from Google-owned network as the YouTube is not making enough profit from the network.

It is said that Universal, Sony and Warner Bros make preparations to boycott the Record labels as they could like to support the rival platforms like Vessel and Snapchat.

In terms of the world’s largest streaming service Spotify, Google is confident that the business pattern of free content could be the best way to persuade the consumers to spend money on it as a long-range planning.

It was suggested from the previously reports that Spotify has pressure from the music industry to give up the free option business pattern, but the Spotify company is insisting on its initiative.

Google also has plans to offer a high-quality music service to the consumers. It is called YouTube Music Key. It will be launched in beta in November. You could also search the video of YouTube the Music Key from the internet. There will be more detailed news concerning this service in the near future.

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