Which new features are worthy of application on Mac Sierra?

Apple just released official version of macOS Sierra for Mac. Let’s check out the new features that Mac users can make full use of.


Ask Siri for help on Mac

Siri is the featured update of macOS Sierra which Apple introduced a lot at its release press and on Apple official website. Users can talk with Siri for asking it questions. It is better that users don’t talk with Siri on Mac device at working place in case of embarrassment.

Universal Clipboard: copy from Mac and paste it to cellphone

The feature of Universal Clipboard has been desired by users for a long time. It allows users make copy from Mac/cellphone to paste it to cellphone/ Mac. To apply the Universal Clipboard feature, users need to log in the same Apple ID on Mac device and cellphone under the same Wi-Fi environment or blue-tooth assessed.

Even though two persons log in the same Apple ID, they can not realize the copy and paste mission if one stays at home and one stays at office. When users make copy on iOS/macOS and paste it to macOS /iOS, the operating system will automatically have the content synchronized on the other device.

Update for Mac hard drive storage

Users will be touched when you upgrade to Sierra if your Mac hard drive has limited storage. Users will find their hard drive storage has bigger capacity after update. Apple macOS Sierra offers several measures for users to optimize memory space by click “About this Mac”–“Memory Storage” section. There are four recommendations for manually optimization.

PIP feature

Apple upgraded the most excellent feature on iOS 9 for iPad,named PIP. To enjoy this feature, users need to display it on video websites that support HTML5. Mac is compatible with PIP feature now. This feature allows you pin the video window on screen without pause to switch the windows.

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

To protect privacy and for internet security, users can set a complicated password for Mac device. However, users need to input the password each time it starts or wakes up from sleep mode. Some developers released MacID and NearLock applications to simplify the unlocking.

Users need to disable two-step authorization function and open the dual authorization for iCloud accounts. Click “System Preferences”-“Security and Privacy”-open” Allow Apple Watch unlock Mac”. Apple Watch can also unlocks Mac if it is under Mac Blue-tooth access.

To experience some more new features of macOS Sierra, please pay close attention to Apple news.

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