Weibo’s market value was higher than Twitter’s

Weibo share price increased by 19% on the first day of IPO in 2014, up to $4 billion for capitalization value. Weibo may not expect its market value is higher than Twitter’s some day. Twitter was valued at about $ 30 billion then.


Weibo share price increased to $53.12 some time during the regular trading hours on October 17, up to $11.35 billion, while Twitter just got $11.34 billion for market value. By the morning of October 18, Weibo’s value came to $11.25 billion and Twitter’s came to $11.84 billion. Their value differences are closer.

Weibo claimed it is not the one that it used to be described as imitator and became a comprehensive platform combined with Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

A fews day ago, Weibo’s market value was close to Twitter’s. In the meantime, Twitter’s share price kept declining. Weibo’s share price increased to $ 52 from IPO $17.It received 73% increase on the first day of IPO, closing at $26. Its share price paced up and down at $20 for a long time.

The market value of Twitter once got close to $ 40 billion and kept declines since March of 2014. Its share price and market value suffered another hit when Google, Disney and Salesforce quit offering for the acquisition of Twitter.

Weibo also received positive user growth, while Twitter faced difficulties to attract more new users. In June, Weibo monthly active users reached 282 million, increased by 33% yoy. By contrast, the average monthly active users were 313 million in Q2, increased by 3% yoy. Among the users growth, 66 million monthly active users are from United States, increased by 1%.

Though Weibo imitate the business mode of Twitter’s in the beginning, Weibo did a great job to improve its products and services. The development of Weibo sounds more positive than Twitter’s.

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