Verizon may quit the acquisition of Yahoo due to the users information leakage

Verizon Reuters attorney claimed that the 500 million Yahoo users information leakage event may have an impact on acquiring Yahoo, reported Reuters.


Craig Silliman, whose post is Verizon attorney, stated in an announcement to media that:” I believed the information leakage event have impact on the acquiring of Yahoo to the company. We will request Yahoo to display all the impacts on the acquisition.If Yahoo considers no impact to the acquisition, then they need to show us the truth.”

In this July, Verizon offered $4.8 billion for acquiring Yahoo. However, this deal is still under process.

In September, Yahoo confirmed that 500 million accounts were hacked which cound be considered as the biggest scale of hacking case. This hacking event was occurred in 2014 and Yahoo even censured it was state-sponsored actor.

When this news concerning the information leakage was reported, some suspected whether Yahoo make enough explanation to Verizon. They claimed this event will affect the cooperation between two companies.

The statement of Silliman seems to make pressure to Yahoo so that it can ask Yahoo to prove whether there will be impacts on their acquisition.

Yahoo spokesman once made announcement to BI:”We are confident with Yahoo’s value and we will keep moving towards the integration with Verizon.”

New York Post reported lately that Verizon hoped to cut the transaction amount for Yahoo acquisition due to the information leakage event. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam was questioned for this on Monday, he claimed the report of New York Post was just speculation.

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