US Drone owners may get fine for flying near fire scenes and obstructing helicopters

It happened in the US that the Helicopters dropping water on a forest fire were grounded for 15 to 20 minutes due to drones.

There were five drones found possibly videoing the wildfire when the firefighters were handling with a wildfire in San Bernadino county over the weekend.

san-bernardino-fireBecause of the helicopters could not fly safety to the fire scenes to drop water to put out the fire as the drones obstructing, the US Forest Service reported a warming concerning flying drones over fires.

If the drones hit the helicopters, it may cause the aircraft damage or human injuries, or even worse, cause helicopters to crash in the air.

During the interview of CNN: “the San Bernadino fire department made blames on the drone owners. The drones caused great loss on this issue. The helicopters can lead to another water drop cycle with 15 to 20 minutes. If so, it could offer a safer environment to put out the wildfire, and better protect the citizens from threatening their lives in the fire.”

FAA carries out the temporary fight restrictions over disaster areas. If drones are found in those areas during the accidents, the drone owners will be at a risk of $25,000 fine. There is not confirmed news that government will investigate the drones found in San Bernadino.

The fire damaged more than 4.250 acres of forest and engulfed Interstate 15 that links to Los Angles and Las Vegas.

An Interstate 15 incident report implied that the incident commanders have to make way to drones when they were into a fire area. The air operations and ground aircraft could not work until the drones leave from this area.

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