Twitter has little chance to sell itself as bidders quit offering

As the bidders face much pressure from shareholders and have fewer interest to continue to offer, Twitter has little chance to sell itself. Twitter attracted Google, and Disney for bidding.They even consulted banks whether Twitter is worthy of acquisition.


The confirmed source revealed that the mentioned three companies are not likely to acquire Twitter now. Another leak showed that Twitter Board of Directors canceled the meeting that it was supposed to hold for the acquisition with external consultants.

It’s said that several investors expressed their unwillingness of acquiring Twitter to Mark Hawkins at Salesforce investors conference which held last week. Salesforce spokesman claimed that the company would make no comments on this news. Twitter, Google and Disney made no response either. Since the reveal of acquiring Twitter, its potential bidders suffered decline of share price, especially Salesforce.

Twitter’s share price declined by 35% in past 12 months. Its single share price even decreased to $18.25 by the end of August. Its issue price was $ 26. When Ev Williams expressed that the board of directors would consider to sell the company, its share price rebounded.

Twitter started to seek for potential bidders when its revenue and user growth slowed down. Jack Dorsey was against to sell the business, while Williams was for the decision.

If Twitter can not find its bidder,it will try to further develop network video broadcast to attract more users.

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