Tinder For Travelers- a new dating app for holiday

miss travel

Would you like to travel with a complete stranger? A new dating app is made to help lonely travelers to enjoy their vacation like that.


Miss Travel has launched Tinder for travelers app for iOS and Android devices. This app can be applied to look for travel partners, a tour guide to show you around a specific place or used as a dating app due to personal demand.

To use this app, men have to pay subscription fees for a membership, while women can sign up for free. You can learn more about the idea of gender balance on this app.

It offers safeguards to make sure your trip is safe in case of any dangers encountering as the Miss travel could make the users’ background check for the traveling partners.

The found and CEO of Miss Travel Brandon Wade stated it would provide you a well-arranged trip with this app. No one hopes there are unexpected things happened during the trip.

Miss Travel is the travel agent of love. It helps to connect people who wants to share life experience and have willingness to find the right one during the trip. You will never travel alone with Miss Travel with you.

This Miss Travel app can be accessed on Google Play, and the App Store.

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