TestFlight updates: compatible with all Apple OS application testing

Apple just updated its application testing application TestFlight. Its update platform support all released new systems include iOS 10, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10. In the meantime, Apple just released new optimization and analysis tool for App Store which developers could download from iTunes Connect.


According to the statement posted on developer website, TestFlight is compatible with iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and so on. The updated TestFlight also support some new features such as SiriKit and tvOS notifications.

Apple reminded developers to notice that all testing package of iOS 10 includes a 3D Touch Quick Action feature. This feature allows testers visit the application feedback system on homepage which simplifies its mechanism.

If auto update feature is open, the resting version installed through TestFlight might be replaced by old verion locates in App Store. The firm will solve this problem till next update.

In terms of iTunes Connect, Apple added a new analysis tool to test the impressions of App Store. Developers can find their appliation icons displayed in Apple Store search result, Feature page, Top Charts list and how many visitors its website received. This tool can calculate the percent conversion anywhere in App Store.

Apple claimed that iMessage App feedback is yet to be supported by iTunes Connect. From now on, developers and testers could download TestFlight from App Store.

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