StatCounter report: usage share of Edge is far behind Chrome’s


Microsoft introduced Edge browser when it released Windows 10. It hoped to compete with Chrome and Firefox in browser industry with Edge. The current statistics showed that the usage share of Edge keeps increasing. However, many of the users abandoned IE and switched to Edge.

StatCounter statistics in the past three months indicated that the usage share of IE and Edge declined. This contributed to the usage share of Firefox ranked in second in the current browser market. The first went to Chrome.

Judged by the statistics given by StatCounter, the usage share of IE and Edge declined from 16.6% in Feb to 15.5 % in April. The usage share of Firefox is ahead of IE and Edge in spite of it suffered decline a bit in the past three months.

Google Chrome made positive performance. Its usage share was 59% in February and increased to 60.5% in April. That’s, there is more than one pc using Chrome browser in every two computers. There are wide gaps compared with Firefox and Edge.

Edge was given great expectation to obtain more usage share for Microsoft. Microsoft will make great update for Edge this summer when Windows 10 arrives its first anniversary. Edge may have chance to compete with Chrome as the new update will support plug-in extensions.

Firefox usage share also faces much pressure. Firefox was beaten by Chrome regardless of its popularity in software community.

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