Snapchat daily active users reached 150 million, exceeding in Twitter’s

It is reported that Snapchat’s daily active users have reached 150 million which means this app exceeds in Twitter concerning the daily active users.


The popularity of Snapchat contributed to younger user’s promotion. Snapchat has been welcomed by younger users since its release. Its daily active users was 110 million in last December and increased to 150 million now.

In compared with Twitter which was established in 2006, its daily active users is under 140 million in accordance with Bloomberg’s data. Twitter as once the second giant after Facebook among the social networking app. It encountered difficulties for inadequate growth for new users. It has been exceeded by Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Quoted from the data of Twitter’s earnings report, it has 310 million monthly active users, however, it did not reveal its daily active users. Twitter claimed in last Q3 about 44% of monthly active users visit its website among the top 20 networking providers.

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto stated then the visiting portion kept stable. If this figure changes some day, it would release the related news.

Snaptchat allows users send selfies and video films which makes the communications more interesting. It also allows people to change profile pictures with FaceSwift software.

Jack Dorsey stressed at Recode on Wednesday that Snapchat’s news service is modern. He admitted that Twitter is struggling to solve the mess and lost some users. He claimed that the company is seeking ways to settle this issue.

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