Shell and PayPal joined Fill Up and Go that allowing you to pay for fuel on phone

With the new function of paying fuel on phone, you don’t have to head into the crowded petrol station shops. Good news comes from Shell and Paypal that joining forces so that they provide you chance to pay for petrol on phone.

You can save some time by using this Fill Up and Go service. You don’t need to wait in the queues for the payment. You can sit in the car and use your phone to pay it.


To use this new service, you need to download the Shell Motorist app. And this app is available for iOS and Android services. You can choose the maximum amount to fill by using this service and use an on-pump QR code to pre-authorised the sale.

It is a bit different from Apple Pay as it needs to authorize. But this service is better than the traditional cash transactions. You don’t have to stop for a long time to pay the petrol. You can start your journey soon after you fill the fuel by using the Fill Up and Go service.

So far, the transactions are only made via PayPal and the Fill Up and the Shell Motorist app requires a 5-digit code to keep your account safe.

According to Paypal’s Director of Mobile Commerce in UK, the payments can be done quickly by using this service and it is available for all iOS and Android users as long as they have the app.

He added: “it is important that the service is available to all of the people regardless of particular phone.”

The Fill Up and Go service has been employed to all Shell garages around the country from July 23 after a three-month trail.

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