Samsung Note7 recall may benefit Apple and Google

With the expansion of Samsung Note 7 recall, analyst assumed that iPhone would receive more 15 million iPhones performance. Apple share price made a new record on Monday.


Samsung Electronics made announcement on Monday afternoon that it would request worldwide mobile operators and retailers to stop selling Note 7 and users to power off the device. There were over 10 fire accidents worldwide caused by its battery since the release of Note 7. The company decided to stop producing Note 7 because of a series of elements.

To Apple, its iPhone sales declined a bit this year. The event of Note 7 may contribute to more sales of iPhone. Angelo Zino expressed that the Note 7 case would push some Android users to switch to iOS system. It is possibly to increase 1% of iPhone share in worldwide smartphone market.

Though the iPhone market seems to become saturation, Note 7 case brings opportunity for Apple to obtain more market share for iPhone. FactSet report showed that analysts predicted that the shipment of iPhone would be 211 million units while it sold 231 million units last year.

Apple stated that the amount of update users of iPhone were beyond the expectation in last quarter which contributed to outstanding revenue. By appointment, Apple will release its last quarter earnings on October 25.

Apple share increased by 1.7% to $116.25 at NASDAQ trading hours. Its share has been accumulating by 20% in past three months.

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