PlayStation 4 takes up 94% market share in parts of Continental Europe


ps 4Since PlayStation 4 launched, it has been obtaining more players as we known. Recently, Sony has announced the extent of its dominance in the market.

SCEE president Jim Ryan said, the PS4 plays a leadership role in the market and it takes up more than 90% market share in parts of Continental Europe

Ryan stated to VG247 that they have market leadership in all European countries, and now they have even significant breakthrough in market share in continental Europe.

Ryan said the statistics of market share is extremely significant, And he doesn’t think the market share in every country is under 70%, and the statistics showed its recently market share takes up more than 90% in continental Europe.

Sony’s success in PS4 implies that it is not likely to make an official price cut in this area.

Ryan added, there are still potential markets in Europe. They have opportunities to win more players. They make reasonable price for the product and they have good theme for the game. The players are happy with the prices and the gaming theme. So the company won’t consider the price cut right now.

Ryan said, the company also hope Star Wars Battlefront to get sound market share in other area. It was pleased to cooperate with Activision on Call of Duty.

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