Hulu confirmed that it’s developing network tv service

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins confirmed that the company is developing a network tv service which is similar to cable tv when he was interviewed by New York Times this week.


Hopkins claimed that the network tv service is a part of the new strategy. It emphasizes on personalization.

The subscription fee of this service is undecided yet. The confirmed source indicated that it might charge users about $40 per month.

Hulu announced on Wednesday that this new service has already obtained 12 million users, while Netflix subscribed users are only 45.7 million. It is said that Hulu might seek business in original documentary filed. The first documentary it bought was The Beatles: Eight days a week directed by Ron Howard.

Network tv service becomes more popular in recent years. The broadband speed has been improved a lot. Some tv networking companies are willing to authorize the broadcasting rights by networking tv service.

Its new network tv service will compete the service against cable tv service and other network service such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

Hopkins implied that Hulu, Disney and Fox will come into an agreement in terms of the new network service. The new service just aims to attract more audience who like to watch subscribed tv shows.

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