Free to access to South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post Publishers Limited announced early today South China Morning Post was free to access web edition and  mobile platform from 6 pm on April 5th, 2016.


This statement was made after 4 months since Alibaba acquired South China Morning Post. Alibaba announced last December that it made final agreement with South China Morning Post Group and acquired its South China Morning Post and other media assets, including South China Morning Post newspaper and its web edition, magazine and outdoor media business.

Besides the announcement of free access, South China Morning Post released new edition for mobile app. The new app adds many features, such as search, personalized settings, quicker loading rate, social networking links and more convenient navigation.

So far, its new app has been introduced to App Store, Goolge Play and Windows Mobile.

It is worth noting that only offers free access on South China Morning Post’s web edition and mobile edition. The newspaper of South China Morning Post and ePaper are still required to subscribe.

Alibaba executive vice president Mr Cai cliamed last December, the company would cancel the subscription mode for South China Morning Post so that more readers could access to more news and information online and mobile devices.

He added:”It is inconvenient for Pay Wall though people are willing to pay for the news. Why not offer chance for those who use mobile devices or cellphones to access the news.”

This post was established in 1903. It was initially called South Qing Morning Post and not changed until by 1913. It is the best selling English post in Hong Kong now.

Chief editor Sammy Tam said the cancellation of Pay Wall paves the way for South China Morning Post to obtain more readers.

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