Facebook Messenger plans to add encryption option for communications

To protect privacy, many tech companies encrypt data for their products. The Guardian reported that Facebook Messenger is soon to be encrypted for the chatting messages.


Mobile chatting app is the most popular applications for smartphones. Facebook has already dominated the global mobile chatting market. WhatsApp obtained more than 1 billion users and it has been encrypted to protect the communications.

Its another popular chatting app Messenger also obtained 900 million users. The difference between WhatsApp and Messenger is that Messenger was launched by Facebook. Facebook announced to introduce chatting robot on Messenger at the developer conference. It will allow users to book tickets or shopping by chatting.

As The Guardian reported, Facebook will encrypt Messenger end-to-end communications. The difference from WhatsApp encryption is that the encryption is optional to Messenger instead of by default.

The optional encryption is the practice for some apps, however, its security level is lower than the encryption by default.

The encryption mode that Messenger applies is similar to Google Allo which was released at Google I/O 2016.

Facebook did not confirm this news yet. If the apps apply the end-and-end encryption mode, the service providers such as Google and Facebook won’t be able to access the communication content. Even the police or agency require to the communication content, the service providers could refuse as the content has been encrypted.

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