eBook piracy websites will be on the UK High Court’s block list

The High Court has sent an order to the Publishers Association forcing the Britain’s leading service providers to ban those seven sites in which help the users find the authorized copies of digital books.

Those affected websites are AvaxHome, Bookfi, Bookre, Freebookspot, Freshwrap, and Libgen. All of them are based overseas.

The Publisher Association chief executive Richard Mollet claimed in a statement that one third of publishers make much profit from digital sales, unfortunately this rise in digital market was attributed to online violations. The Publisher Association needs to be able to protect the author’s right from those pirate activities. The writers worked hard to create new works and they need to be paid. The publishers needs innovations and vestments in new talent and material.

The Publisher Association states that over 80% of the works on the offending websites violates the copyright laws. The organization is going to put pressure on Google to stop the services.

The list of website is also including BT, Virgin Media, Sky, Talk Talk and EE. Those websites need to be rectified in accordance with the ruling by June 9.

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