Cortana is compatible with Xbox One to compete with Apple Siri

Apple Siri had been introduced to Apple TV platform in last autumn. Then Microsoft will introduce its Cortana voice control feature to Xbox One this summer. They are aiming at obtain more market share in TV filed.


So far, the voice control feature on Xbox One platform is still rigid. Users can only use the fixed voice command to control Xbox One. This situation will be changed soon. Cortana will provide Xbox One a natural conversational voice control feature.

While Apple introduced the similar feature to its Siri. Since the release of Apple TV 4 and Siri Remote service, it realized the conversational voice control through Siri. The latest Apple TV allows users to download all kinds of applications and services as Xbox One does. Then users use the mature game control features to play games.

The biggest difference between Apple TV and traditional Xbox one is the price. Apple TV is sold at least at $149, while Xbox One is sold at $ 299.

Microsoft announced at its official website on Monday that game consoles and media players will be added with the compatibility of Cortana. It will release the preview products in America, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain in succession. Its final update will be released by this summer.
Ironically, the name of Cortana is originated from Halo, however, Xbox One is the last product to support Cortana platform.

With the connection of Kinect, Xbox One will be in the listening status which means the the support of Cortana is automatically. On the contrast, Apple TV only receives users voice commands while they press Siri key.

It is said that Apple is updating Apple TV which is possibly equipped with its own Microphone and louder-speaker.

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