Blackberry sold half of million mobiles in Q1, leading to $ 670 million net deficiency

Blackberry firm released the Q1 2016 fiscal earnings report on Thursday, whose revenue was $ 424 million by post-adjustment. The revenue was under expectation of analysts made. Its net deficiency was $ 670 million, while the net profit was $ 68 million at the same period last year.


Blackberry predicted the whole 2016 fiscal year would lose $0.15 per share by post-adjustment. Its share price once increased by 4.6% owing to this prediction.

At present, Blackberry have its business core converted to software from smartphone. In the first quarter, its revenue increase was promoted by software business. The software revenue in Q1 was $ 166 million, increased by 21% YoY.

John Chen, who acts as CEO of Blackberry, stated their business was efficient at analysts conference call meeting. The fact that Blackberry has made itself a software designing company.
John Chen told its investors, the primary mission of Blackberry 2016 is to make sure the equipment business makes profit. Blackberry will make a great decision concerning the equipment business development in this September. But Edward Snyder, analyst of Charter Equity Research, assumed Blackberry won’t look for buyers for its smartphone business.

In the first quarter, Blackberry sold half of million smartphones with an average price of $290 per set. John Chen revealed that it will debut two modes of low-end Android smartphones this July.

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