As is reported that Microsoft attempted to acquire Docker at $ 4 billion


DockerCon 2016 was held in Seattle last week. It was rumored that Microsoft had been attempting to acquire this 250-employee startup at $ 4 billion.

According to the confirmed sources, this acquisition failed as they couldnot come to an agreement concerning the price. One of the source claimed this rumor was a hot topic among starups and venture companies.

The potential deal destified Docker becomes the leader of popular vessel technology among startups. The mainsteam giants also pay more attention to this field. It attracted Microsoft who wished to acquired such technology. Microsoft also plan to introduce more vessel features for its Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft was one of the major sponsors of DockerCon 2016. At the DockerCon 2016, Docker released a pubic beta trial for Dockers for Windows.

With the reports of Microsoft acquired LinkedIn at $26.2 billion, Microsoft made it clear that it seeks for development by acquisition. Before it makes next move for acquisitions, Docker was taken into consideration. Besides, Microsoft will hold $ 100 billion cash by the end of this year.

Docker spokesman claimed that the company will make no comment on this news. Neither did Microsoft.

Microsoft showed its great interest in Docker and its vessel technology at DockerCon 2016. The fact that Docker becomes one of the most popular tech startups. It only has three years history and 250 employees.

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, suggested its market value be equal to Vmware’s at DockerCon press conference. The latter is valued at $24 billion and its annual revenue reaches nearly $ 7 billion.

Docker is considered as a tactic among Microsoft’s plan. In the field of cloud service, Azure needs to avail of some technology to compete with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The latters have their own vessel technologies, Google Kubernetes and Amazon EC2.

In terms of operating system, Microsoft plans to import Docker technology to Windows Server platform in order to compete with Linux.


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