Apples awards $200,000 for researchers to find loopholes

Apple announced at Back Hat Network Security Conference which held in Las Vegas on Thursday that it planned to award $200,000 for researchers to find security loopholes. Before then, dozens of tech companies carried out the similar incentive policies to find find out their loopholes.

Apple claimed this award event is initially for about 20 invited researchers who would help Apple to find the security loopholes in five fields. These 20 researchers were selected from the experts group who had found loopholes.

If researchers found security loopholes during the application to prevent unauthorized “Safety Launch” in the firewall when the iOS device is under charge, they will be awarded $200,000.

It admitted that it would take advice from other companies to limit the searching scale for loopholes. The spokesmen of other tech companies claimed they would just invite some of researchers in the first stage to find out the security loopholes if the event started.

Rich Mogull, analyst of security safety, stated that Apple would avoid dealing with a great amount of lower value of loopholes report by limiting the the participation of researchers. If Apple fully open this event, it will require a great investments on it.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Yahoo all carried out the similar awarded policies. Microsoft has awarded with $1.5 million to its security researchers in recent three years.

While Facebook has an open awarded policy. It has awarded over $4 million to researchers in recent five years. The average award of researcher was $1,780 in last year. This March, it awarded $10,000 to a 10-year old child who found malicious code on Instagram.

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