Apple updates iPod touch with advanced camera and the iPhone’s processor

Apple made another big success by launching a new line of iPods. The new iPod is updated the iPod touch with improved cameras and a faster processor.Apple Watch maker supports with new nano and iPod shuffle colors to long-overlooked iPod line.

The update iPod with touchscreen-bragging makes it closer to the iPhone siblings, the new version of iPod touch comes with the same A8 processor as iPhone 6 does.

This new feature allows a graphic performance 10 times faster than its previous version that the iPod-based gaming could play better.

The iPhone’s M8 that enables detailed fitness and activity feedback can be seen in the new iPod, coming with an 8-megapixed primary iSight camera and a backup FaceTime HD camera in the front.

Users can buy the new iPod touch at the moment. And they can choose the storage from three options, 16GB, 32 GB,64GB.

Users can access the world music to Apple Music, the App Store, and iOS and the world’s most advanced mobile operating system on iPod. And it offers at reasonable price.

Users can also experience next-level gameplay, take beautiful photos and enjoy favorite music and shows on iPod with the A8 chip and the 8 megapixed iSight camera.

It revealed there are more colors of iPod offered this week. Users can get grey, silver,gold, pink and blue ones.111111jpg

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