Apple announced to delay the delivery of AirPods due to technical issues

Apple announced on Wednesday that it would postpone the delivery of AirPods. It debuted AirPods along with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2 in September. As Apple canceled 3.5mm headphone jack of iPhone 7, consumers either choose Lightning headset or AirPods.


Trudy Muller, Apple spokesman, claimed on Wednesday that they would not deliver AirPods until the device was ready. He admitted that they need a bit more time to prepare for AirPods. He did not reveal the reason for postponement of delivering AirPods and its exact release date.

It was one day before Apple hold the new Mac release meeting. The media predicted that Apple would release the delivery of AirPods on Thursday.

The postponement of AirPods release was the first time that Apple delays the release of hardward in past five years. Apple debuted white iPhone 4 in June of 2010 and started selling in April of 2011 due to manufacturing problems. In terms of software, Apple delayed the release date of iTunes 11 for one month in 2012 to restore the bugs.

Walt Mossberg assumed AirPods may cause inconvenience during the application as its battery only lasts for 5 hours. Its battery life can not even last for an international flight journey.Apple expressed AirPods can be fast-fill charged with its charging box. Some experts found problems of Music Display feature of AirPods.

AirPods is considered as one of the important accessaries of iPhone. Jony Ive claimed that AirPods will be the beginning of Apple’s wireless technology.

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