Amazon employees increases by 47% in past year

Amazon recruited 85,800 employees in past year, increased by 47%.

employee increase

The whole workforce of Baidu is 46,000 employees. The increase of Amazon workforce is twice of Baidu workforce.

However, this employees increase doesn’t mean the ordinary full-time employees increase of Amazon. The new recruited employees are mainly serving for Amazon Logistics department.

“With the development of Amazon, the Order Fulfillment Online Center and Membership Service requires more workforce to accomplish,” stated Brian Olsvasky, Amazon CFO at Conference Call meeting last week. In addition, Fresh and one-day delivery membership services keep exploring, these departments needs more employees to deliver goods.

By now, Amazon has set up over 50 order Fulfillment Centers and hired over 90,000 full-time employees. This June, Amazon added some cities for its Fresh service. So far, the Fresh service is available in 10 regions such as Boston, Seattle, California and so on. It offers one-day delivery service for its membership in 11 cities around United States as well.

The statistical feature of employees is not covered by all its recruited employees and seasonal temporary workers. Amazon just introduced the Amazon Flex project to United States and United Kingdom which works similar as Uber does to recruit car owners to deliver orders in rush hours.

Olsvasky claimed that increase of workforce is lower than its payment increase. On this Monday, the market capitalization of Amazon beat XOM, ranked in the fourth of worldwide listed companies. In mid July, its market capitalization beat Berkshire Hathaway’s.

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