60% of Github employees work from home

Sam Lambert joined Github in 2013 and worked as a DBA and has been appointed as CTO. When he was interviewed by Derrick Harris last year, he explained how to use simple technology stacks to support over 10 million users and manage over 2,500 projects on Github.


He mentioned Github has a great telework team, about 60% of its employees work from home with the usage of Hubot to finish the projects.

Sam Lambert claimed Github speaks highly of Unix philosophy when it launches products and services. It carries out the simple technology to realize the multiple fundamental functions. It emphasizes on pragmatism.

Github website was established in 2008 on the basis of Ruby on Rails. It used simple technology stacks, such as C, Shell and Ruby when it was initially

With the development of Githud, it attracted several core developers of Ruby stack. Lambert stated Github offers much freedom to its engineers to launch products and services. They can try all new technology and remain a bit conservation during projects implement.

The job seekers must be competent with the position and agree with Github culture when it recruits employees. To recruit enough employees, Github allows them work from home. Some are even from oversea.

To improve the working efficiency of employees who are from different locations, Github utilize Hubot tool to finish projects. Employees can ask Hubot where the other parties are by chatting. Hubot can auto reply its city or specific floor of a building.

Hubot supports to receive dozens of commands, search MySOL status, switch on failures and delete database table as well as back up and copy files.

Besides checking MySQL status, Hubot is able to apply monitoring function, for example, it can make auto alarm when some server encounters failure.

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